2022 JHU Robotics Industry Day

Update Jan 28: Industry Day will now be virtual as we won’t know the COVID climate in the future. In order to reduce zoom fatigue, we are splitting the event into 2 half days. Industry Day will be Monday March 21 1-4pm and and Tuesday March 22 1-4pm.
2022 Industry Day Agenda/Program

Monday 3/21

1:00 pm
Welcome WSE: Larry Nagahara, Associate Dean for Research

1:05 pm
Introduction to LCSR: Russell H. Taylor, Director

1:25 pm
LCSR Education: Louis Whitcomb, Deputy Director

1:40 pm
Student Research Talk 1 – Max Li

He He (New York University) “What We Talk about When We Talk about Spurious Correlations in NLP”


Model robustness and spurious correlations have received increasing attention in the NLP community, both in methods and evaluation. The term “spurious correlation” is overloaded though and can refer to any undesirable shortcuts learned by the model, as judged by domain experts.


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