CIS & MINDS Seminar - Rishi Sonthalia

<p>Recorded Seminar:</p><p><br></p><p><a href="https://wse.zoom.us/rec/share/50fBCry0B9draOsObJgAwuO2OQJvMhVaIuAXERghHL... Zoom Meeting:</p><br><a href="

CIS & MINDS Seminar - Joshua Burby

<p>Recorded Seminar:</p><p><a href="https://wse.zoom.us/rec/share/fF4uuo6e3HiSViKWmH7TgvI6opMtEccoEnMFctlp5r... Zoom Meeting:</p><br><a href="

CIS & MINDS Seminar - Minglang Yin, PhD

<p>Recorded Seminar:</p><p><a href="https://wse.zoom.us/rec/share/bkt7Zta2B8lGXzBG8fJU4mfv7NskKWokXy-aD3cxvC... Zoom Meeting:</p><p><a href="

CIS & MINDS Seminar - Martin Takac

<p>Recorded Seminar:</p><p><a href="https://wse.zoom.us/rec/share/Av2aEUREJfyXzdEx_C1vCoTLZgknRpHUCpHgYqp7IA... Zoom Meeting:</p><p><a href="

IAA Call for Proposals Mixer

Join IAA for a virtual networking-style event to connect with colleagues from across Johns Hopkins University and the Applied Physics Laboratory to build out teams for the IAA Call for Proposals.
Zoom link: https://jhuapl.zoomgov.com/j/1613516186?pwd=U2hpcm1mcVEvUEpTcFdLK29TbVMz...

GSA Ice Skating Social

We are super excited for you to join us on our first LCSR social event of this spring term! We are planning to get together for an ice-skating session on Thursday January 26th @6:00 pm at the JHU ice rink, followed by an informal happy hour at the Charles Village Pub (we are not providing food or drinks this time). The ice rink on the night of the 26th is dedicated to JHU grad students, so it’s a good opportunity to mingle with peeps from other departments as well!


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