LCSR Seminar: Professional Development

LCSR Seminar: Margaret Coad “TBD”

LCSR Seminar: Alan Kuntz “TBD”

LCSR Seminar: IROS paper presentations

IROS practice talks by the students followed by 5-minute Q&A session after each paper.

Hisashi Ishida
Juan Barragan
Michael Kam
Jiawei Liu
Jim Wang.

LCSR Seminar: Eric Diller “Micro-Scale Surgery: Using Magnetic Fields to Control Tiny Robots in the Gut and Brain”

Eric Diller, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Robotics Institute, Institute of Biomedical Engineering (cross-appointed); University of Toronto

LCSR Seminar: Hunter Gilbert “TBD”

LCSR Seminar: Student Seminars

LCSR Seminar: Lionel Robert “TBD”

LCSR Seminar: Heather Culbertson “Using Data for Increased Realism with Haptic Modeling and Devices”

Abstract: The haptic (touch) sensations felt when interacting with the physical world create a rich and varied impression of objects and their environment. Humans can discover a significant amount of information through touch with their environment, allowing them to assess object properties and qualities, dexterously handle objects, and communicate social cues and emotions. Humans are spending significantly more time in the digital world, however, and are increasingly interacting with people and objects through a digital medium.


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